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4.6 ( 6976 ratings )
Gry Edukacja Planszowe Układanki
Desenvolvedor: AdvenGames
0.99 USD

Enter-train your brain by playing the puzzle game Maniqo,
designed to take you a step further in problem solving skills.
Play against yourself or compete with your friends doing the
fewest moves in the shortest time.

Move the pieces to their goal positions to complete a level.
All pieces moves at the same time so you have to combine their
movements to succeed. Complete simple levels at first and then
increasingly harder ones to keep up with your improvements.

Maniqo contains 133 handmade levels plus the 22 levels in
Maniqo Free. This version of Maniqo is totally ad-free, making
it easier to focus on the gameplay. You can also choose between
8 tunes written and recorded especially for the game.